Victim Tattoo & Piercing

Victim Tattoo & Piercing

122 S. Walnut St.
Reedsburg, Wisconsin
Full Custom Tattoo & Piercing Studio. This means that there is no mass produced flash on the walls. The only thing that you will find on our walls is the paintings and other art that we do in our spare time. All designs are drawn to the customer. This means that there will never be another tattoo the same as yours unless your tattoo is copied. Our artists are as follows.

Anita Cole: Featured, Award Winning Artist-Specializing in Realism, Portraits, high color, old school, new school, & animal anatomy.

Rob Cole: 12 years of Tattooing & Piercing-Has studied into different tribal backgrounds to create wild tribal with a deep meaning behind it. He also trained for piercings with the original Pincushion before his tragic death. He has refined his skills working along with some of the best in the nation to create faster healing & less traumatic piercings. He also does branding & scarification.

Brandon (Silky) Johnson: Trained by our own Anita Cole. He has surpassed many of the local artists on a skill level. He has an amazing high color fantasy style that is without a doubt different & off the wall. He is also very good at Japanese style art.

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