I remember this. Lol. wow. Now that's going way back. I remember we could customize posters with our referrals on them.
Yep. You could customize it, print them out and put them in the local shops. Back when we had the suggestions...
Way way back. I think before krack and Zocial
Can't view the links and styling is missing, but I found it. Can't upload pictures to this comment box so what it said is:
Have a shop or want something to give to people with your referral code on it? Print out a simple flyer! You can also customize it with text and pictures.
And had a button below to print it and another to customize it.
Yep. That's how it was. I hadn't had a printer but got one just because of that. 🤷‍♀️ Was my 1st time making flyers.

Of course I had other use for it but hadn't really thought about needing one until that.

Not sure why you can't add pictures in the comment box. I can.
Oh no .. not from our device, just by link. Spoke too soon.

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