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Damn... Hulu sent me an email with their Black Friday discount... basically $12 for one whole year. $0.99/mo. So cheap I'll have to take them up on it.
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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Chaos Theory (PC game) is currently free from Ubisoft until November 25th:
Played Lost Ark for about an hour so far. Pretty fun. It's free to play but not yet released. Releasing early next year. PC game.

Definitely need to get back to looking into adding 70k+ tattoo shops.
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Looks like I'll have to do it manually. A few a day will add up over time. Data wouldn't be as good if imported or scraped using automation. Eventually artists will join and add to it.
There's been some theme changes. There's a light theme and a dark theme. Colors have changed a bit on the dark theme. There may still be some tuning done to the themes as time goes by. Themes can be picked at the bottom left of any page.
Not sure I like Fallout 76. I liked 4 and New Vegas. Also, both times I played the animations are stuttering. My character is fine but enemies move all weird.
Playing Fallout 76.. free weekend. I didn't know there was player housing.. just noticed a couple player houses.