Box on the Rocks - Drink outside the box🍸

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Box on the Rocks
"Drink outside the box"


What's buzzin, cuzzin? You can build your bar from a box with themed Cocktails & expert Bar Tools.



Almost everything is a subscription box today but that's not a bad thing. If you want to build up a collection of something then that's the way to go and it's also like getting a surprise gift every month.


I have makeup, skin care, perfume, clothing, heels/shoes, bras, lingerie, etc subscriptions. I even get a stoner box that includes a new glass piece every month - puff puff
💨 😴🤤


Do you have a bar in your home or would you like to?
I started making my own little DIY bar about a year ago. I feel all fancy and shit when I go over to it and run my finger across the different bottles, glasses, mixers.....and sometimes I don't even pour a drink. 🤷‍♀️
Reminds me of this joke:

There's this older woman and a young guy who likes the "cougars". He's checking her out and flattered, she invites him back to her place for a "nightcap" so they end up leaving together. They pass a liquor store and he says to her, don't we need to stop and pick up the booze. She giggles and says to him, Oh honey, us grown ups already have liquor at home. 🍸


Let's get back to this box though cuz it's a good one.

Drink Outside the Box.
A hip retro-inspired subscription box with countless experiences, themed around life’s many drinking occasions. This monthly Classic Cocktail Kit like the Margarita, includes 3 crazy cool recipes created by our rad Mixology team + a cool expert Bar Tool. Be the boss of your bar with everything needed to make 10+ drinks, just add your booze daddy-o.

🍸 🍹 🍺 🍻 🥂 🥃 🥤 🍷 🍾
  • Kits include quality products and new innovations that typically can’t be found in the local grocery stores. Items like our proprietary Citrus Sour and unique garnishing. All food and beverage accoutrements are meticulously selected to make you go ape.
  • Classic Cocktail themes with a twist - everything from Margaritas to Mules, to Mojitos and Old Fashioned’s. Each kit is designed to make 10+ drinks.
  • We are experts in the Restaurant & Bar industry which paves the way to creating similar at-home experiences for you.
  • Two hip chicks make this a Certified Women Owned business
  • Hang on you crazy kids, we’re also including recipe cards for collectible future bartending fun. We’ll offer up Spirit suggestions to help craft the perfect Cocktails but ultimately, we want you to be able to make your decision for product selections. Use what you have or be adventurous and try something new. Ya dig? Booze not included





October's 2021's Mai Tai/Zombie Box​

What makes the Mai Tai a classic Cocktail? When you combine Rum, Citrus juice, Orange Liqueur, and Orgeat, you get a classic Tropical known as the Mai Tai. And from the Mai Tai sprang so many incredible Tiki-themed drinks. All hail to the Tiki craze, this Cocktail Kit is going to take you on a true Caribbean adventure full of Palm Trees, Pirates, and beautiful Rum concoctions. Bar Tool is a ceramic Zombie Tiki Vessel just in time for Halloween. It’s “spoo-tiki-ki-ki-ki…”

This box is $40.00 monthly. You can get 15% off of a 3+ month prepay with code SPOOKYSZN
You'll be post payingfor 3 months at a time

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