Do you have any body piercings?

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Do you have any body piercings? Like nose, nipples, belly button?

The only thing I ever pierced was left ear in 5 different spots way back when I was in high school and that was popular.


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Nose, eyebrow, labret, tongue, cheek/dimples, belly button, nipples and 10 in my ears...5 on each side. We didn't really have all the other body piercings and ear types as today so what we did is just go all the way up our ears. The places that did them was basically malls lol... there was no piercing shops and so they had a rule that they wouldn't go higher than 5 because then that's the cartilage so that was all I could get. I'd have gone all the way up if the places near me did them. My nose has been pierced twice. I did it the first time drunk. Didn't have jewelry for it. It closed. This was before there were piercings places. It was one of the first ones I had done once we had places that did them. Now when u look really close you can see a second tiny hole next to the actual hole in my nose. The nose actually hurt more than the tongue. I cried. Not because of pain. My eye just started watering. It was weird.
I got my nipples done back when Krack had just got made and so anyone who was a member there then knows already about those cuz I was posting about it, all happy.
My most recent are the belly button and dimple piercings.
I want a few others. I wanted a dermal until I saw how that's done. They use this puncture type tool that twists under the skin and Vatican take a chunk of flesh out. You can poke holes THROUGH my skin any day but that's where I draw the line. I'm not into torture like being hung on hooks or having flesh torn out. This looks PAINFUL AF. Noooooo thanks.

What I want I've been going back and forth with tryna decide. I kinda want my clit..or hood. I hear that it can kill the sensation though. It doesn't for everyone but does happen so I don't know.
I want the Madonna - basically a Monroe, but other side. Both are exactly what they songs like. Meant to resemble their beauty marks but I also want the Medusa and having both I think would look stupid. I wanted the snake bites too So, Im really undecided still. I'll prob get the Madonna for sure.


I have ALWAYS wanted a vampire bite but a combo tat/piercing. I wanted the jewels like this

But then blood dripping tattooed. I wanted the Snake eyes

But I was told that our tongues are 2 separate muscles and when you get that piercing you're basically forcing the two muscles together... you talk really weird. Your tongue can't move the normal way it should. I'm not with that. So then I was considering the venom piercing.

But where I already have a hole that goes down the center that would basically mean not ever wearing anything in that one anymore. 3 would just look stupid. Had I had the option when I did my tongue in the first place, it'd have been the venom.

I want the smiley... just for this vampire teeth jewelry. That's hot and I have to get that. This would def mean no Medusa. Medusa AND smiley...too close together in the same spot.

I love getting pierced. I love that feeling just after, When your body is coming back to reality feel the little rush/jolt you get as that moment they tell you hold your breath and stick you. I would get every piercing there was for the feeling in my body I get and as far as looking like a freak.. I've never cared about that but I do care about practicality. If it's annoying... in the way... limits any normal functioning then I don't want it. My friend and I was talking about tattoos and piercings the other day. She's more indy getting ink and never cared for piercings at all. I like both but I like the feeling that the piercings give me in my body at the time more than tattoos.
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