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I received 2 letters today about a medication that I'd recently started taking again. This medication WORKS but at a price. It makes you feel really nauseas.
It's called Chantix.
I've quit smoking using this before. It works but you feel really badly while adjusting to it. I had quit back in 2017 for a year.
Ive recently really been into my health and decided I wanted to quit smoking again.

My doctor ordered me that Chantix again but this time it was really different. More difficult to take. I couldn't deal with the effects. It was so much worse this time. If I took it before the gym, I'd end up not going. I had to really force myself to take these because they made me really sick. It didn't last long, maybe 15 minutes at most but it would hit me within seconds of swallowing it. My stomach would hurt bad, my head would be pounding, I couldn't move because I felt like I was going to throw up. It was so bad this time around that I couldn't stick with it. I told my doctor that although it doesn't last that long, it's too intense and makes me too sick.
I threw them all out.
Then, I got this letter today.
TWO of them.
Exact same letters.
I'm sharing this in case you're on this medication, considering it or know someone that is.
It's possible that they tried to notify you because I been rejecting their calls, blowing them off in general because I had no idea.
I thought it was about something I already knew or some ad or survey B.S. Even these letters -I just threw them on my counter this morning when I got the mail and just didn't bother. I went out. Came online. Took a bath. Went out again. NOW, it's 10 pm and I am finally settling down for the night and good thing I was curious why they sent me letters cuz that's not usual, I decided to give them a quick look. Glad I did. This is serious.
I believe the batch I was taking was this recalled batch.
Yours could be too...if you're on it.


It's been recalled.

Them again it seems every other day another medication is recalled or has 10,000 side effects that can paralyze you lol..

I think ITS NUTS that they suggest you KEEP taking it. I could feel something different this time. I couldn't.

How Chantix works:

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