How far have you driven for a tattoo?

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How far have you driven for a tattoo? Just because artists are close by doesn't mean there isn't a different one you want to get tattooed by.

Since I only have one tattoo I can comment on that. I went to an artist who did my ex-girlfriends tattoos. He was only about 30 minutes from where I lived at the time.


I've never gone far for a tattoo, but have for a piercing. But I have gotten a tattoo while a distance away just because back years ago, they were illegal here (Massachusetts) and there wasn't body piercings shops yet. Not really sure the distance between Rhode Island and New Bedford but my girlfriend and this biker dude we messed around with was friends w this guy that owned a tattoo shop out in Rhode Island called Buddy's. We went there. We didn't go specifically for tattoos though. We were just going out there for this bar that was kinda fun. It had all these bras hanging over the bar cuz all the chics that went in the back to flash the owner and give him their bras got free shots. We would go out there often for the bars, tattoo shops and sone biker stuff.
Now, my cheek/dimple piercings- I'd have gone any distance and paid any price. It took me about 12 years to find someone that'd even do it and this recent search, had it fall through twice on me. Getting this one was an experience feel hell lasting over a decade. The first place I had an appt literally looked like I was going to be sacrificed. Not exaggerating. I got proof. They didn't end up doing it though. At the time of the appt the dude opened the doors Ave Asus the piercer was gone w covid. The next appt I had was in Brockton at Pins and Needles - was gonna cost me about $100-$200 on getting there and back alone, not counting the piercing price itself. I had this really strange feeling I was gonna end up going out there for nothing cuz most places just weren't doing any work under the masks. My appt was a sunday so I called that Friday just to make sure they knew what piercing I was coming in for and sure enough, they weren't doing anything under masks so I don't even know why the idiot even told me to come in that day when I said what I wanted. But I did finally get it. I did have to go a bit of a ways, but it was in the state at least. Was only about $100 too.

But yea... years ago we had no choice. Either you got it done in somebody's kitchen, garage... whatever or you had to go out of state. Or do it yourself.

Most my tattoos were a few blocks from wherever I lived at the time that I got them. I lived in Roxbury and Dorchester when I got a few right near Dudley Station, not even far of a walk. When I lived in Cambridge - same thing, The few shops I got anything done at were all just a few minutes of a walks distance.
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