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I know, I know... the last thing anyone wants to do while playing on the internet is "school" type of stuff but you never know. Personally, I love learning. My 1st job was in a daycare. That's not quite "teaching" because all we really had to do was play with the kids, supervise then, of course, Give then crackers and juice/milk and rub their backs at nap time so it was more like glorified babysitting but for me, I still felt like a teacher. Maybe because it was in a school. I don't know but back to this.

There are a lot of grammar Nazis on the internet or speech police or whatever your want to call it. They just get so mad when they see someone spell a word wrong, pronounce a word wrong, etc. It really shouldn't be taken personally. Some people just don't know. Or may know but just SPELLED it wrong, either because auto correct which Aptos be called auto mistake as it changes correct spellings to a wrong way most the time, changes words entirely and even takes out your word completely at times. We also come across places where we only have so many characters we can type so we make up our own shorthand hoping everyone else will just know what we're saying.

SO, back to class....
I know one word that many of us say differently is


A lot of people will say it just as you see it and just as many people will say it with both Js sounding like an H. I've always just said it the way I see it J as JAH and JO as JOE BA.

So I'm posting this as sort of brain food. To think. To learn. I doubt they'll ever be an actual discussion but I'm going to write this pretending there will be. We are ALL from all over the world, of so many different cultures and ways. It'd be cool to see just how we all may interpret things so differently...or maybe even the same.

Lesson/discussion 1.

Have you ever mispronounced any of these words?

If so, now that you know the proper. .or correct way of saying it, will you say it the correct way or continue the way you always have?

Are there any words nor listed here that you've mispronounced?

For me, I'll start with just one.


I knew I said it wrong. I have a bag of this I've had for a while. Every time I see it or the word I say to myself A - shhh ah
I knew it was wrong but never knew the correct way until I watched this video.

I'll probably say it correctly now that I know but that's not always the case. Some words I'm just been saying the same way my entire life, it don't sound right to me saying it another way, even if it's the correct way and my way is wrong.

I see a lot of people on YouTube say things like "over top of"... I've NEVER heard that in my entire life so I just can't say it. It doesn't feel right coming out of my mouth. I've always either said "ON TOP of" OR "OVER", JUST "OVER".

At the end of the day, we do still have the 1st amendment... although it seems to not really be the case, You get crucified these days if you say anything some sensitive fucking Sally takes offense to but for now, the 1st ammendment is still in effect so you can say whatever the fuck you want, how you want.
And I always will.

But it is still nice to learn and at least know what is correct if you've never been told.



How do you say this word?

Do you pronounce it to ryhming with PAUL or PAL?

I've always pronounced it SCOL - UPS, rhyming with PAUL... hall...tall...fall....but ALWAYS hear it from others as Scal -ups, rhyming with pal.

I thought my way was probably wrong but it just didn't sound right the other way for me to change how I said it.

I come from a town that's mostly Portuguese, Cape Verdean and Creole.
A big fishing city.
We are surrounded by water and a lot of fishing docks, like Fall River.
The biggest job out there is fishing boats like draggers, scallop and lobster boats.

My ex fiance always worked on scallop boats and I've gone offshore with them on a few trips.

Picture the movie "The Perfect Storm", that's set in Gloucester, Its similar. Our men often dock away from home if bad weather hits or theirs boat issues, etc. My man's boat has docked there. it's actually the hardest one I ever had to try and climb up onto from the boat but they'll often dock away from home like there, Cape May, Provincetown.
What im trying to say is I've always been around a lot of fisherman and people who, scallops is their livelihood and I had always heard it around them and where I'm from the way I say it but thought that was just because they're Portuguese.
I'm still not sure which way is correct. I didn't look it up officially, just on YouTube and most those videos pronounce it the other way.


Without looking it up, how do you say it?

Maybe one day people will come on this and we can actually see how many people see and say things differently.



I heard a few more words recently that have been known to be pronounced differently:

This one I've heard 2 different ways my entire life. I was always broght up with it pronounced like you'd pronounce restraunt. Like the weird aren't....without the R but have heard a lot of people pronounce it like the bug... ANT.

I don't care which way is correct. I just can't say it like ANT because in my mind, that's how it'd just be spelled. Lots of words have same exact spellings meaning totally different things and I just can't ignore the u. But that's me. Google says ant and this video says it the way I do

Then there's


I always heard and said it VI- tuh- min. The beginning rhyming with BITE but I've recently heard some people say it as vit -tuh-min - the beginning rhyming with "bit"
For me, that just sounds weird. I need to look it up now to see which way is correct before I post the correct way.

Google says it the way I do. This video says it's correct both ways, depending where you're from which makes sense because it wasn't ever an American that I heard say it the first way.

The third and fourth words that I heard recently differently than how I say them are:



This one made the list because the way I heard it sounded really off base from what I always thought. I first heard the word from my daughter's pediatrician and he said it as eg-zuh-muh and so that's how I'd say it but then I heard someone say it this way the other day: Eg-zee-muh

Both Google and pronunciation videos pronounce it the same or very similar depending where you're from. I have no idea why the person I heard say it as EG-ZEE-MUH ...zee rhyming with SEA...or SEE...but never heard it that way again or before but doesn't mean that there isn't more people or there that think that's the right way and also say it that way.


I always said this wrong and the correct way does make more sense so I am trying to re-train my brain to say it the right way now. I always said it ex-sed-ruh...and it's ets-sed-er-uh

Just food for thought.Maybe you have thought some of these words were a different way than they are. Now you know.