What are the meanings behind your tattoos?

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If you have tattoos, what do they mean to you?

No meaning to mine, I just happened to like it when I saw it so no exciting story to share.


I have too many to list them all and their meanings and some are just really so old that they're faded bad and need to be re- done but I'll say some of them.
Now, these are a few ...as of today so they don't look anything like they once did. I'll start first with the ones I didn't take pictures of.

1. Betty Boop - on my shin - I just really liked her back then. An animated "Marilyn Monroe" .. to me.
2. Hot Stuff Devil on my outer thigh - honestly, it had no meaning. I was young, wore a lot of those daisy dukes type shorts and had thought it was cute. The tattoo itself meant Hot Stuff. It was a devil. Bad. And fun. Was also my first real tattoo that I didn't do myself and wasn't done w needle and India ink.
3. Hardy - down my arm. Cuz I love Jeff Hardy.

4. Claddah: (ignore my messy hair, I just woke up.) This tattoo is really bad. I'm sad. I need it redone correctly. The reason I got it is because of my nationalities, Irish is one of them. The Irish Claddah ring was one of my favorite rings that I'd always get ... get rid of and need to replace. I got tired of it and figured the tattoo would be better. More permanent.

5. Half Sun / Half Moon - on my upper left arm (means Half dark and half light. Half innocent, half evil and the way they're together means just that.. the light and dark, evil and innocent coming together in one) It was much bigger than I'd prefer but had to be big enough to cover SKID ♡ ROW, SKID was 1st, under it was the heart and under that was Row. I had done this myself, tripping my ass off, in the dark late one night after sneaking in to my foster home. It was a mess from the beginning and everyone that didn't ask why I'd put Skid Row would ask what's Skid loves Row. 🤦‍♀️ and now it's just a big blob mess and you CAN STILL see some of the letters this was meant to cover like the R and W at the bottom where the rays are and even part of the S at the top. It's super faded so that's gonna get redone better.


6. Bleeding black Rose going through a bleeding heart. The rose also super faded. Pretty sure the meaning is self explanatory.

7. Boxing Gloves with My son's name - LEFT forearm.
The boxing gloves is ENTIRELY faded and I've even had it done over so this is very disappointing. There's 2 meanings to this one: His dad boxes. He's a tough guy w a reputation where I'm from. The other reason is unlike my 1st 2 kids, this was a high risk pregnancy. My life was very different right up to the day I found out I was pregnant with Tyler. I found out in the E.R. w cut wrists. This def changed those plans. We were gonna fight all the odds in every way and he was going to be born. Healthy. He was going to have a chance. That meant being strong, leaving where I was from, not telling a soul and starting over. And I never went back other than to start clearing up warrants so we wouldn't have to look over our shoulders for the rest of our lives and I just didn't want to have this baby in jail. All missions were accomplished. He's a happy, healthy young man today. My life is different today and I've never been back to jail or had any warrants again. He's 16 now. This was also a cover up of the name "Sunny", an ex. Also has a reputation where I'm from. I was really stupid in my teens and 20s n had a thing for danger and dangerous people. My mother always thought 1 of them would kill me. But nah..lol. Mothers. 🤷‍♀️ Unfortunately, this is today and the red that was in the gloves has entirely faded and you can see her name again.. Gotta get this done over AS WELL 🤦‍♀️It is kinda pathetic when your own stick and pokes w a sewing needle show through "PROFESSIONALLY" done tattoos from actual shops that you spent actual money on.


8. A Cherry Bomb. Cherries 🍒 but instead of the stem and leaves, it's a bomb splint with the words Cherry and Bomb in the cherries. And my youngest daughters name. Done around the same time as the gloves at the same place, surprise, surprise.. the red in the cherries has faded out. I actually really liked this tattoo. When it was first done, it looked really nice and was one of my favorites. The meaning - think that's pretty self explanatory too.


So, I got a whole bunch of ink so long ago that they all need to be redone. Gratefully, I've found a place that I have enough faith in to do it all. I've put off getting new ink and piercings for the last 10 years from being so disappointed. My nipples had been the last I had done back in 2012 until this year. Now I'm starting it all again.
My ink sucks but that's some of the meanings. And SOME of my tats.