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Today 5:52 PM
Status Update
aren't a MyInkedSpace vet if you don't recognize this old no picture picture.

at was used for a while for members who didn't have a profile picture uploaded.
Today 5:51 PM
Commented on Ta2d_Princess's status update

No.. not you Lai! Lol..

Jess.. no emo

Today 5:51 PM
Replied to the forum thread Profile Privacy Changes & Mood Changes

No, I'm not bringing those links back. That's not even old school. That menu is way, way, way too long and somehow I have to shrink it even more. I know it's an extra step to click VIP Only and then click the one you want to view but the menu is just too long. I am gonna bring the toast notifications back and if it displays alright on phones I'll let people decide if they want it on. That's the notifications that would show on the screen when someone viewed your profile and then it would fade away.

"Is everything going back in feed like
Added people
Commented profiles" -- StolenPassions

At this point some of Owned. None of the other stuff. I will probably add profile and owned comments to it but it'll filter out dupes so it doesn't flood the live feed.

Today 5:47 PM
Commented on Ta2d_Princess's status update

Bout to say imma go emo

Today 5:44 PM
Replied to the forum thread H8er Hotline

A big fat fuck you to Ash for taking 500 years to send me my shit love that bish tho

d a super huge fuck you to this flu because I don't have time for this shit!

Today 5:44 PM
Commented on Ta2d_Princess's status update

Never you CakeBatter.. you bring the sweets

Today 5:42 PM
Commented on Ta2d_Princess's status update

Wtd? I jus got on there lol

Today 5:30 PM
Profile Privacy Changes & Mood Changes
As m
entioned in other threads, MyInkedSpace is moving back towards how things used to be. MyInkedSpace was originally a very open social network.
Today 5:29 PM
Status Update
d is gonna get a little more entertaining...

at's the live feed, more things are returning to it. Note: I didn't do revenge on here so don't panic.
Today 5:27 PM
Replied to the forum thread H8er Hotline

Big phat fuck you to 4 hours sleep cos my body hates me -_-

big phat fuck you to womanly moustaches on men, don't grow that shit if it takes three months to come through right

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